Creative Ideas from Gym Trainers That Inspire

‘Fitness, Fitness, Fitness’, this is all you hear all day. From the radio to the papers to the billboards, every media entity blares out images of chiseled bodies and toned abs. If it’s not chiseled bodies it is adverts telling you how to get a chiseled body. This mish mash of advertising has resulted in a sprouting of gyms, fitness centers and gymnasiums across the globe.

Gyms are however a predominant first choice for any fitness seeker, proximity and ease of commute and pricing make gyms the first GO TO for any health and fitness concerned individual. Health warnings and obesity epidemics along with stressful lifestyles accompanied with chronic inactivity problems have propelled a whole new diaspora of health and fitness clubs which also employ trainers who have an abundance of creative and inspiring ideas to get you in the groove for exercising. Zumba, power yoga , dance and aerobics, parkour, open air gyms ,calisthenics ,pilates and core development exercises like planks are just a few of the new age exercise fads that have caught the imagination of the gym going population.

The reason behind all these new inventions in exercising is pretty simple: to keep people inspired and interested in coming to the gym. A boring set pattern of exercising will surely dull out the interest in the gym attending people and this in turn will result in a dwindling population of gym members and a gym after is said and done is a business which requires money from members to run, hence, the need for innovative invention. Necessity is the mother of invention, and in the case of gyms the need to bring in more people on the fitness band-wagon resulted in innovative ideas to keep the exercise fanatic yearning for more which in turn meant more juice for the gym owners in the form of money.
Resistance training was used by high end fitness trainers, actors and was a part of a strict army regimen, this has now been added to gym routines in almost all high end gyms and the results are fabulous. However it is the inspirational idea behind it that spawned a whole new gym segment with some of the top notch actors around the world vouching for its benefits and once you see the results you can rest assured that the eyes of the beholder will relish every moment of the chiseled physique that one possesses.

Plank(s) is another creative genius exercise regimen invented as a result of the most common dilemma of the modern age: shortage of time. As people started showing up for shorter duration's of time in gyms, gym trainers came up with the innovative idea of developing the core strength areas of the body, this exercise was usually associated with people training for boxing , certain sports and was a part of pilates. However, gym and fitness trainers realized its potential as a stand-alone exercise which could be done at the gym along with other exercises and could also be practiced at anytime of the day at any given place, all you needed was a yoga mat. Planks combined with yoga is the most popular exercise regimen in the world today as it does not involve any equipment  and can be performed at any hour of the day at any place of your liking.
The best flooring for any of these inspirational gym ideas is Gym Flooring as it provides a safe and shock absorbing arena to perform the most strenuous of exercises and weight/resistance training. Resistance training involves a lot of free weights and rubber weights are the safest solution for any such high end exercise as they are cost effective, low maintenance and when combined with rubber flooring the damage quotient is nil. Barbells and dumbbells do fall in any exercise area and installing the right kind of equipment and flooring gives you the added safety benefit, saving your clients from injuries.

So keep being inspired and keep inspiring others too, you never know when your new exercise experiment might become a global phenomenon and you can proudly say that you were the one who changed the fitness world forever.


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